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Carwraps 101

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what we can do for you

  • Training Video Library: Members will receive access to unlimited online streaming videos on design and installation.
  • FAQ Section: Members will receive access to FAQ Knowledgebase forums on the Carwraps 101 Website.
  • Discounted Templates: Carwraps will make available the sales of vehicle templates to all members for a discounted price of $149 (plus $9.95 shipping and handling) for a complete template set from Art Station templates. These templates will be available for purchase on the Carwraps 101 website, while supplies last.
  • Webinars: Live webinars covering topics of design and production will be available to all Members on the periodically. Webinars topics and schedules will be posted on carwraps101.com and emailed to members 2 weeks prior to a scheduled webinar. Webinars are subject to change and may be rescheduled.
  • Vehicle Graphics 101 eBook: Will be posted on the Member dashboard and will be available for immediate download.
  • Reduced rate "Hands on Installation Training": Carwraps will hold installation training at various facilities throughout the US for a price of $499. Classes will be held quarterly, unless participation requires additional classes to be added. Class sizes will require attendance of 10-15 members and be two days.
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Vehicle Templates

Vehicle Templates are an essential tool for vehicle wrap design, printing and installation. For this reason, Carwraps� recommends Art Station Templates. Art Station Templates are widely used because of their superb detail and accuracy.
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Discount Designs Services

Carwraps� can compose your wrap designs using our pre-fab vector designs and your support, copy, text, logos and photos for just $59.00. We will place images, create text and adjust colors to match your customers color scheme. We will allow up to 2 revisions.
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Vehicle Graphics 101

Whether you are already a pro, or just starting out in the Vehicle Graphics industry, this is the book for you. Vehicle Graphics 101 is the most comprehensive introduction to the Vehicle Graphics industry.
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Graphic Design

Also included as part of our video training series is Vehicle Wrap Design Instruction, hosted and taught by Todd LaBrie, creator and founder of Carwraps®, Inc.

& Tips

Vehicle Graphic Installations is hosted by 3M certified installer Justin Pate. It is geared for all levels of installers.


Our curriculum focuses on developing the specific skills required to becoming an expert installer.

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